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172Architects primary aim and drivers are focused upon advancement in material technologies for the surfaces of buildings. To progress surfaces, from being a mere material entities, to the creation of adaptive sustainable performance. 172Architects are progressing biomimetic of materials as a bioenergy systems of active response by multiscale functionality control.

This engagement in the evolution of materials is the focus of 172Architects. The research and development of micro-technologies to progress hierarchical controls of materials for building surfaces, is the new frontier in sustainability. These principles are derived from natural systems. The drivers are to create a living glass organism that emulates the chemical reaction cycle of leaves by endothermic principles. This metabolic cycle of biochemical triggers, are multifunctional mechanisms to progress glass into an energy, adsorbing composite. To enable high glass conductance by evaluation and reactive response for thermal heat flow targeting. The evolution of glass into a photoactive adsorption layer, at a integrated multiscale level, in response to climatic regionalization.

Nature's biological systems are living multi-functional mechanical information systems of chemical composition. They have the ability to learn and adapt to changing climatic conditions by self-regulation of solar adsorption, to achieve thermal management. These programmable controls of adaptive material performance will progress the surfaces of buildings into a dynamic one.

This response to real time performance change by the hour, season and weather conditions enables pre-programmable, self-programmable management of materials as an energy flow system. These principles to activity manage surface temperature could change our buildings into climatic modifiers by the dehumidification of material temperatures, that could create buildings working as clusters to influence city island temperatures, for the well being in the inhabitation of our cites.

The illustrations presented on this website are schemes 172Architects have been involved with previously, however no design work will be undertaken, as 172Architects focus is upon material technological advancement. This work is currently being progressed in collaboration with a manufacture. These projects achieved shortlisting statues in International competitions and / or acclaim in Architectural Journals.